Friends for over 20 years, Gerald "G-Mann" Pauschmann and Barry "Spook" Moore did their first adventure together in 2014, a 3000km tuk-tuk race across Peru to raise money for charity. Now they can't stop.

That was followed by the Rickshaw Run a similar race across India where the pair raised over $50,000 for their chosen charities.

COVID cancelled their plans to motorcycle through Mongolia and Siberia, so they had to settle for an adventure closer to home in Queensland, Australia.

Now they are on a constant hunt for The Next Adventure. They want to take you along on the ride, see the country, see the world and do a little good in the process and perhaps inspire you to get out there and have your own adventures.

Gerald "G-Mann" Pauschmann

Adventure is in my bones. Way back in 1982 I decided that the world is too big to just hang around my suburb so I travelled solo for 3 years from the tip of Scotland to the bottom of the Greek Islands mostly hitch-hiking and staying in caves, peoples homes and sneaking into luxury hotels. Having climbed Kota-Kinabalu, trekked through the Indonesian jungle, traversed across Turkey and completed some epic charity trips in Peru and India, there is so much more to experience.

I want to excite and inspire others that age is not an excuse to get outside of your comfort zone to explore more than your botanical garden. The Viking in me wants me to go hard.

Barry "Spook" Moore

I can’t live a “normal life” for long before the call for adventure gets too loud. As a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, I love to get out there and challenge myself. I have travelled to all seven continents (including Antarctica), been above the arctic circle twice, run a marathon through the mountains of Mongolia and done some crazy adventure races in places like Peru and India.

So many places yet to see and so much trouble yet to get into, I am always looking forward to the next adventure. Hopefully you will come along with us. 


Every year we want do a big trip to get out and see the world and raise money for charity. If you would like to help us make the trip a reality you can contribute over at our Ko-Fi page.

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